T-Broker: A Trust-Aware Service Brokering Scheme for Multiple Cloud Collaborative Services


Oriented by requirement of trust management in multiple cloud environment, this paper presents T-broker, a trustaware service brokering scheme for efficient matching cloud services (or resources) to satisfy various user requests. First, a trusted third party-based service brokering architecture is proposed for multiple cloud environment, in which the T-broker acts as a middleware for cloud trust management and service matching. Then, T-broker uses a hybrid and adaptive trust model to compute the overall trust degree of service resources, in which trust is defined as a fusion evaluation result from adaptively combining the direct monitored evidence with the social feedback of the service resources. More importantly, T-broker uses the maximizing deviation method to compute the direct experience based on multiple key trusted attributes of service resources, which can overcome the limitations of traditional trust schemes, in which the trusted attributes are weighted manually or subjectively. Finally, T-broker uses a lightweight feedback mechanism, which can effectively reduce networking risk and improve system efficiency. The experimental results show that, compared with the existing approaches, our T-broker yields very good results in many typical cases, and the proposed system is robust to deal with various numbers of dynamic service behavior from multiple cloud sites.


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