Treating a pressure ulcer with bio-electric stimulation therapy.


Mr Jones lived independently until he developed necrotic pressure ulcers over his heels and could no longer mobilize to care for himself. He was transferred to a nursing home where he lived for 18 months and where the nurses could care for his wounds. The wound had been on his right heel without changing over the 18 months and, although attempts to hydrate the eschar had been somewhat successful, the necrotic tissue proved stubborn creating large quantity of fibrous slough. Mr Jones was initially assessed by the tissue viability consultant on 14 March 2005 and agreed to the application of bio-electric stimulation therapy (POSiFEC). The wound change was immediate and was fully healed by 16 June 2005, 12 weeks after his initial assessment. This article outlines his care and the background to bio-electrical stimulation in wounds.


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